What's Your Nature?

Take the Dosha quiz to discover your unique nature.

What foods are best for you? What's your optimal time of day to think, exercise & play?

Your Dosha is like the yoga version of the Myers Briggs Test - only its been around for over 5000 years and encompasses your whole body; your emotional personality and your physical body.

Understanding your Dosha helps you to feel your best on all levels.

For each Dosha there are certain foods that will help you feel balanced and others that will leave you feeling bloated, anxious or heavy.

And it’s not just food – ­your primary Dosha will impact how you feel at different times of the day, your emotional responses, your optimal exercise routine and even how the seasons and weather affect you.

By knowing your Dosha type you'll finally be able to let go of all the "should's" in your life... those things you think you need to do but deep down you know they are not right for you. Or you'll learn why they are right and the WHY makes all the difference to actually doing it.

Balanced Vata Doshas are intuitive, creative and enthusiastic.

Governed by air and ether you are all that moves.

What’s that mean?

You give life and movement to all that matters.

Balanced Pitta Doshas are joyful and courageous.

Inspired by fire and water you light up the world around you.

When things need to get done you spring into action and make it happen.

Balanced Kapha Doshas are generous and loving.

Influenced by water and earth you are stable and grounded.

When the world goes crazy around you others naturally gravitate to your calm healing presence.

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