Visionary Vata Dosha

Balanced Pitta's are joyful, confident, and quick minded.

Understanding & Balancing

Your Pitta Dosha Characteristics

Pitta's tend to be... Quick-minded. Friends might call you a bit intense at times. But they appreciate when things need to get done you spring into action and make it happen.

Physically Pitta's... Have an athletic build. Pitta's are typically or average height. The give-away is your eyes and skin tone. Pitta eyes are often closely spaced together and a reddish complexion is also common.

Pitta Season is Summer.

You are most likely to go out of balance summer when the heat intensified all your inner fire.

Your drive to success can cause your fire to burn out of control. A yoga class or a nap at lunch will serve you much better than a 5K run!

Out of balance Pitta Dosha Symptoms are:

✔️ Anger

✔️ Canker Sores

✔️ Heartburn

✔️ Hemorrhoids

✔️ Hot Flashes

✔️ Inflammatory Disorders

✔️ Irritation

✔️ Jealousy

✔️ Skin Acne & Rashes

✔️ Ulcers

3 or more checks means something needs to change now...

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