Visionary Vata Dosha

Balanced Vata's are intuitive, creative and enthusiastic.

Understanding & Balancing

Your Vata Dosha Characteristics

Vata's tend to be... Always in motion, Spiritually focussed, Imaginative, Spontaneous

Physically Vata's... Have a thin slender build and small bone structure. Vata's can be either tall or short in height. Often you have dry skin and dry, thin or curly hair.

Vata Season is Fall.

You are most likely to go out of balance in the fall when the wind and cold intensify your breath of fresh air into a raging blizzard.

You also get thrown off course when you travel, when you take on too much and say YES too often… Over-giving doesn’t serve you or your family.

Out of balance Vata Dosha Symptoms are:

✔️ Arthritis

✔️ Addictions

✔️ Chronic Fatigue

✔️ Constipation

✔️ Headaches

✔️ Gas and Bloating

✔️ Food Allergies

✔️ Insomnia

✔️ Muscle Stiffness

✔️ Low Back Pain

✔️ Low Energy

✔️ Restlessness

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